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Lulu Black is the place to be in central London; it's the one and only London escort agency that stands out with its commitment to quality and ethical practices. It's a place where discerning gentlemen find top-notch companionship, and our ladies are treated fairly, keeping the majority of their fee. With a big focus on safety and client satisfaction, Lulu Black is the ONLY sensible choice for the modern London gent.

What makes our London escorts so special?

Worker well-being and client experience are balanced at Lulu Black. The agency, led by Lulu with several decades of experience, focuses on building long-lasting relationships with our clientele through efficiency, honesty, integrity, and discretion. Whether you fancy meeting in a dimly-lit corner in one of central London's cocktail bars, or in your high-rise hotel room looking out over the city, you are sure to find a fabulous and genuine connection with a high end Lulu Black escort. The Lulu ladies are sensational humans.

Catering to diverse preferences, Lulu Black’s luxury companionship is available across the capital for various engagements including short trysts, lunch or dinner dates, evening orgies or sumptuous overnight encounters. We work with a wide range of companions, including British, English, blondes, brunettes, and mature escorts, from different nationalities, ensuring vibrant, rich and interesting dates. Whether for incall or outcall, our wonderful escorts cover all areas of London, offering unparalleled experiences.

Lulu Black caters to only the very best gentlemen, whether you are based in the capital or just travelling through. We recognise that there are tons of agencies in central London and the consumer is spoiled for choice, yet we consider ourselves the best in the business. But what makes us so? Quite simply, it's all in the organisation AND the delivery. We are both damn good company and a damn good company!

Central and Greater London covered

You're probably wondering: how does Lulu Black treat her clients? As an educated and professional gent, you will appreciate not only Lulu's efficiency, honesty and integrity but also her total discretion when it comes to your data and your booking. Lulu has many years experience in the business of pleasure, and she understand the importance of keeping a good gentleman happy. The aim here is to nurture long lasting relationships with our central London gents, and most of those relationships last for years. Lulu Black is an agency you can trust AND an agency where the ladies are safe and happy.

Our luxury London escorts can meet you for a mind-blowing across all areas of London: Central, East, West, North and South. We cover all the London airport hotels, and all of London's satellite towns too. Our gorgeous ladies offer both incalls and outcalls and we work with English / British escorts and ladies from other nationalities too. You may yourself be British or you may be a foreigner travelling in from overseas. We care not a jot about your heritage, only that you are clean kind and refined.

Is it only English and British escorts?

As already mentioned, we work with plenty of other nationalities too! All our companions, whether they are English, British, Spanish, Brazilian, Asian or otherwise are true empaths who love making others feel special and wanted; they thrive in this job. You are a man who loves to live life to the full, and you know how to treat your escort with kindness, courtesy and respect. Our high class escorts visit all 5* and 4* hotels in London, which is handy, because no doubt that's where you are staying.

So while we don't discriminate based on any nationality, what we do we ask of our lovely workers - whether they are European, Indian, Brazilian or Asian - is that they can speak fluent English and that they are legally entitled to live and work in the UK. Many of our non English London escorts are students studying at prestigious universities, or white collar professionals who have emigrated to work in the city. Yes really! Never underestimate high end courtesans - they are often some of the smartest people in the room.

Working as an escort in London

We recognise that the options are vast when it comes to escort agencies in London. There are in fact so many its hard to know where to start. The women we work alongside are looking for a relaxed way of working, since we never organise multiple bookings on the same day. Our agency is run by a female (Lulu) and she has a great deal of industry experience. She is English, friendly and fair and will look after you exceptionally well. There's no weird interview with a man present who wants to look at you naked, and there is no pressure over services offered. Lulu does not deal with bad clients, full stop. If this sounds like your ideal agency, please head to our 'work' page to learn more and apply.

Booking FAQS

What's the difference between an incall and an outcall?

The majority of our dates are outcalls, which means the London escort travels to your home or hotel. An incall is when the lady arranges the accommodation and you travel to her. There are fees associated with either option. For outcalls we add taxi charges, and for incalls we add hotel charges. They will all be explained fully before you commit to a meeting.

Can you accommodate same day bookings?

Provided you are not set on a particular courtesan, we can usually help same day. Ideally though we want days/weeks notice for your date, and this is especially true if you have someone particular in mind.

Does the hotel need to be of a certain quality?

Without wishing to sound like horrible snobs, minimum 4* please. We've never understood spending hundreds and hundreds on company and then £100 on a Premier Inn. No disrespect to Lenny Henry and co, but getting the ambiance and surroundings right for romance is really important. Please aim high.

Central London escort guide

British or not, most people agree that London is the best city in the world. It's glamorous yet gritty, it's high end yet working class, it's beautiful whatever the weather and it is chocked full of amazing shops, bars, restaurants, museums, galleries and other attractions. It's for this reason that London attracts around 30 million visitors every year with the biggest percentage of travellers coming from the USA, but so many of our European sisters and brothers visit too. London's most famous and popular attractions include the London Eye, Big Ben, the View from the Shard and Madame Tussauds. But of course there are so many other things to do in London, such as take afternoon tea in one of the many high end hotels like Claridges or the Ritz. Maybe you'd like to dine at the world famous Savoy Grill, or one of the many Michelin starred restaurants dotted over the city. How about a cocktail or two in a roof top bar, such as Savage Garden in Tower Hill or the Jin Bo Law Skybar in Aldgate. As well as allowing you to take super-instagrammable snaps, these places are the perfect start to any date, where you can get to know your London companion in an intimate, beautiful setting. If you're more of a history or science boffin, then there are a plethora of world-famous museums in London including the iconic Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert too. There are oodles of tour guide walks through the city, and our personal preference is to head over to the Square Mile for these, where the past really does meet the present in an incredible juxtaposition of London architecture. Whatever you wish to do in London, there will be something to suit your tastes. And there is definitely a London companion from Lulu Black who will make your visit a million times better.