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This escort covers: Central London inc | Soho | Marylebone | Mayfair | Kensington | Earls Court | South London | North London | East London | West London inc Heathrow

About Clarissa

It is hard to do justice with words alone to just how stunning Central London based escort Clarissa is. This striking brunette is the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. Long dark locks, smoldering brown eyes, and a classic and timeless style that shows off perfectly her slender physique with curves in all the right places. PA to a CEO at a top London firm, Clarissa is always perfectly groomed from head to toe and she radiates a friendliness and warmth that uplifts every person in the room. Intelligent, kind, refined and exceptionally fun, there isn't a gent in the land who wouldn't consider Clarissa his dream escort date. We recommend you make her acquaintance sooner rather than later, life is for living after all! Clarissa promises a VIP encounter and is an amazing member of our team of escorts in Central London.

Clarissa is based in Central London and covers areas such as Soho, Marylebone, Mayfair, Kensington, Earls Court for outcalls. She can also arrange an incall for a modest uplift to her fee. North London, South London and East London are also covered, as is West London and over to Heathrow Airport. Clarissa is also happy to join you outside London for longer dates and we ask you to please plan ahead and consider that she will travel by train. Clarissa is available daytimes and evenings, and is happy to accept dates up to 3 months in advance.

Areas & Rates

2 hours £600
Central London including Soho, Marylebone, Mayfair, Kensington, Earls Court + Heathrow

3 hours £800
Greater London & Gatwick

4 hours £1000

5 hours £1200

6 hours £1400
Luton, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire

Overnight (14 hours) £2000
Bristol, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham & Leeds
Note that min 6 hours sleep required.

24 hours £2900
All UK & Europe

Booking Terms

We screen all new clients to our London escort agency and take a deposit via bank transfer into our discreet account.

Services offered depend entirely on hygiene and grooming - they are never discussed or agreed in advance.

Ensure you keep your chosen escort well-watered, and for meetings of 4 hours or longer, that food is available.

What They Say

  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Safely on her way. So beautiful. Thank you as ever.
    May 24
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Can you thank Clarissa for me, I had the best time yesterday, and not enough words can describe it! She is a magnificently gorgeous woman, and I'm sure I will see her soon.
    March 24
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Lovely evening! Thank you Clarissa.
    Dec 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Hi Lulu. Clarissa was amazing. Was tempted to book her for this morning also, and was going to message you. But my flight was earlier than I thought. Shall most certainly book her for next time. Pls let her know.
    Nov 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Morning Lulu. A quick note to say thank you again for arranging my date with Clarissa. Another wonderful afternoon spent, time goes so quickly and now I'm casting forward to search for another Clarissa sized hole in my diary. Actually no, she's so perfect I have to arrange my calendar around another Clarissa filled afternoon xx
    Sept 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Hi Lulu, Clarissa has just left. What an amazing sexy lady! Loved spending time with her.
    Aug 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Morning. So I'm now in a state of "post date clarity" and my head has come out of the clouds and want to say what a fantastic afternoon I had yesterday. Thank you so much for arranging, it's true you're the best. Clarissa and Coco have the most beautiful souls, they are super gorgeous inside and out. So kind, so genuine, so naughty and so appreciative of every second we had together. Oh yes, also stunningly attractive. Can't wait for more, if they'll see me again.
    June 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Hi Lulu, just wanted to let you know that Clarissa and Coco were great company and I am looking forward to making another booking whenever I get a chance to pass though the UK. Regards.
    May 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Thank you for making the arrangements with Clarissa. She is a sweetheart. I’ve had a lovely time with her.
    April 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Clarissa could have been wearing a bin bag for all I cared, the minute she appeared in the lobby, the room lit up and I was left speechless. Clarissa is simply stunning and amazing company. Thank you so much for arranging. Ask her about the Spanish dancing and my flight from Dublin. I look no further and if she’ll see me again I’ll arrange another afternoon in the summer x
    April 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Good morning, thank you for arranging yesterday's fun and frolics. Ella was like a little dynamite: makes a Big Bang when unwrapped and the fuse is lit. Clarissa is the perfect balance of demure and sexy!
    March 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    She was delightful, very sexy and great company, thank you!
    Jan 23
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Thank you so much for arranging my night with Clarissa - you were totally right when you said she’s lovely!!!! I had a brilliant time, she’s gorgeous, smart, chatty, friendly…..and then there’s her bedroom talents :-). I couldn’t have asked for a better experience :-)
    Dec 22
  • Testimonials about Clarissa
    Hi Lulu, thank you for organising my date with Clarissa. Clarissa is amazing, fun, stunning, with a great sense of humour we had so much fun together. Please say thank you to Clarissa for being a great host. Have a fab weekend. Xx
    Nov 22

An Interview with Clarissa

What are your 'vital stats'?
Late 20s, 5’4”, size UK 8, 32DD (natural!)

What do you love most about being an escort?
The incredible destinations and experiences I get invited to, and the interesting people I get to meet. But probably above all the fact that most clients when we are together feel safe to let their guard down, and I get to experience the real them that literally no one else gets to see - not their colleagues, not their friends, not even their wife if they’ve got one. In today’s society where everyone is faking at least some aspects of life, I love being with someone in a safe space where there’s no need to pretend to be something we’re not. I might use an imaginary name, but aside from this everything you’ll experience is the real me. I find it very liberating! Lastly, I’m not gonna lie, one of the perks of this job is great sex. I love sex. If I don’t have sex often I genuinely miss it - and I become extremely grumpy!

Are you bisexual?
Yes, I’ve only discovered my attraction to women fairly recently and I so wish I explored that sooner!

Where would your dream date be?
I love to travel, so definitely a travel date in a European city or a beach destination far away. If you are unable to travel far, no need to worry as I’m a big fan of the English countryside too and also always up for a night out or spa day in London.

What's your favourite cuisine?
I LOVE food! You can rest assured that I’m gonna eat anywhere you take me - surprise me! I just don’t eat spicy food (I’m already spicy enough ha!). I enjoy both high end restaurants and casual spots - actually some of the best food I’ve ever had was in very unassuming restaurants!

What's your favourite tipple/snack for the room?
Still water, white wine (no bubbles), fresh fruit & oysters.

What are you favourite gifts to receive?
I love a self care day so probably a gift card for FaceGym or the Bulgari/Corinthia spas in London. Selfridges and Westfield gift cards are always greatly appreciated too! Or why not going shopping together? I love accompanying men when they shop for themselves too!

I want to buy you some lingerie/shoes for our meet, what size should I buy?
Bra: 32DD
Knickers: UK size 8 / S
Suspender: small
Stockings: small
Shoes: UK 4

What would be your desert island disc?
I love RnB, but equally enjoy jazz and classical music. It’s hard to choose, I really like all music, with the only genre that I dislike being techno.

How can your date-to-be drive you wild with lust?
My ideal companion is a chivalrous, thoughtful, kind gentleman who has impeccable hygiene (this last trait being non-negotiable)! Date wise, while I have to admit that I do love a quickie from time to time, what excites me the most are gentlemen who plan longer encounters as it’s during these that meaningful connections are built.

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