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A Hot Pot of Lancashire Beauties

Welcome to the North West's premier escort agency, Lulu Black. Our incredible establishment serves the whole of the North West region for outcalls including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside. Order our exceptional escorts in, and prepare for the time of your life.

Meeting a North West escort

The North West is a large and beautiful area, packed with some incredible cities. But aside of the obvious places like Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, we also serve towns and cities like Warrington, St Helens, Wirral, Bolton, Bury, Blackpool, Preston and Fylde. Basically, no matter where you are in North West England, one of our amazing companions can visit you, whether that's to your lovely home, or your upscale hotel room. We are flexible on meeting lengths, starting at 2 hours and going all the way up 48 hour luxurious rendezvous' together. Our North West companions provide a natural, authentic and top tier service to the NW's most discerning gentlemen.

We appreciate that there are absolutely load of escort agencies operating in the North West, many cheaper than ours, and all with far less rigid security and deposit procedures. The gentlemen (and there are many) who use Lulu Black as their primary agency do so because they appreciate both the value we place on worker safety, and also our extremely high levels of professionalism and discretion. Lulu Black is a well oiled machine, communication is top notch and dates are arranged efficiently and without any fuss.

Another bonus when booking through Lulu Black in the North West is that your companion gets to keep the majority of the advertised fee. We only keep a small amount to covering advertising and overheads, and we feel this is the right and proper way to run an escort service business. Essentially, our fee is a small admin fee and nothing more. Our attention to security and fair rates allows the NW escort you see to feel well paid and valued, and this in turn improves your experience. Happy workers are good workers.

Dates in Lancashire and beyond

Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire are our busiest areas in the North West. Many patrons are travelling through on business, but others live in the area and book a companion to visit them on a regular basis. There are many reasons to use an escort agency, and adding a bit of fun and excitement to your life is the main one. The goods news is that our escorts absolutely LOVE what they do, and are experts at crafting natural experiences full of genuine connection and affection. Provided you are scrupulously clean, polite, kind and generous, everything will fall into place quite easily.

Our obsession with authentic connections means you won't find a menu of services at this agency. Neither we will discuss services with you in advance. Our companions have full agency and the one way workers can truly consent is then and there on the day, never in advance. The decision on services is firmly in their corner, not yours, and your job if to make both yourself and your surroundings as inviting as possible. Follow the advice on this page, and you will be onto a winner.

Booking FAQS

I have booked a spa hotel - can the companion bring her swimming gear so we can make use of the facilities?

Abso-blummin-lutely they can, and we do love a spa date! We really appreciate the extra effort you have gone to to make the meeting special, so thank you.

'The Office' has booked me into a Premier Inn, can you visit?

For a shorter date, this will be fine. We appreciate that the venue booking is not always under your control.

Can I book multiple escorts for a date?

Yes you can and please do. Duos and trios are very popular offerings and most of our companions love ladies as much as men.

Will you escort share some drinks with me?

For dates less than an overnight, where the lady has to drive home, only one small drink is appropriate. We do state on each escort's page her preferred beverage with thanks.

I am a disabled gent living in the NW, can I book at your agency?

Yes you can. We will ask some questions, just so we can fully brief our companion for the date, but this will be done sensitively and only to make sue we can pair you with the right lady.

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