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Cream Teas with a Dreamy Squeeze

The climate in the South West England notched up a few degrees when Lulu Black agency arrived on the scene! Welcome to the best regarded agency in the area, with the finest high class South West escorts on its website, and the best clientele in its little black book. If you are a generous, professional gent with a love for the finer things in life, you've found your new favourite obsession.

The only escort agency you need

I guess it would be remiss of us to not start with the ethical reasons why you should only book with Lulu Black agency in the South West. Critically, we are super safety conscious. We screen all our clients and we take deposits for all the dates we arrange. Knowing exactly who you are makes you much less likely to harm our worker, and taking a deposit from you means you're much less likely to waste their time too. If you don't agree with these practices - especially after reading our privacy policy - you're probably a red flag guy and you need to reflect on why you feel your anonymity trumps someone's physical safety. We're being serious.

The other thing we do that makes us different is take very little of the fee you pay in commission. Never more than 15% and often less than. Taking 15% from our workers allows us to cover our overheads and take a small salary, but it doesn't put us in the life of luxury. Instead it values and respects where most of the hard work occurs - that is, in the room, with you.

There are many reasons why escorts choose to work at a South West agency like ours, rather than independently, and time is one of them. Not everyone wants the admin of running an independent escort business (it is A LOT of admin), especially if that have a 'standard' career too. Booking with Lulu Black means meeting professional women who are highly intelligent, refined and charismatic. Women who want a few dates a week with like-minded gents, during which they have fun and earn good money at the same time. They are experts and creating and crafting good times, and their number one goal is to have you book them time and time again. It's a goal they rarely miss!

Booking in the South West

The South West is a HUGE area, and for us it starts in North Gloucestershire, around the Tewkesbury area and goes all the way down to the edge of Dorset, encompassing Wiltshire, Avon, Somerset, Devon and finally ends at Lands End in Cornwall. If you happen to be in Cornwall, it's a long old way for most of our escorts, however, we do regularly visit there for overnight dates or longer. We are not going to come down for 2 hours, but longer, more luxurious encounters are definitely on the cards.

The great thing about the South West is it's well served by the M5 motorway, allowing us to reach places like Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil, Exeter Plymouth etc with ease. Getting down into Cornwall is easy enough on the A30 though it does feel like the never-ending road. The A419 takes us through some of Wiltshire, and the road links are reasonably good down to places like Salisbury, Weymouth and Bournemouth. Essentially wherever you are in the area that can be deemed 'South West England', we can join you for the right time and price.

Booking FAQS

How much typically is the deposit and how do I pay it?

We take around 30% of the fee into our discreetly named bank account, by electronic bank transfer only. No credit cards or PayPal.

Are all your escorts British?

Most, but not all. We do not discriminate based on nationality (and hopefully you don't either). All our workers from oversea speak fluent English and have lived in the UK for years.

Do you accept references rather than ID?

No, we don't find references safe or reliable.

Will my escort drive herself to the date?

Yes she will. Or if she doesn't drive, she will take a train/taxi. Our escorts are not ferried around by 'drivers'. There will be no blacked-out Range Rovers hanging around outside your house.

I'd love to organise an activity-heavy date - is that OK?

Absolutely - all our companions are outdoorsy types who love action-packed dates. From horse riding to hiking to kayaking....we've done it all and we love every moment!

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