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Welcome to Lulu Black - an agency that stands head and shoulders above the competition in Leeds, in every single way. Lulu works with the most beautiful and mesmerising high class courtesans and we serve only the best gents. We are the pinnacle of pleasure in Leeds, and you won't find a better escort agency out there, that we can promise. Explore more below.

Love and lust in Leeds

Why is Lulu Black so special, you may be wondering. We can answer that! Specifically, we go to great lengths to make sure our escorts work as safely as they possibly can, and we also ensure they keep the majority of the fee you pay. These policies will be in stark contrast to how the many other Leeds escort agencies operate, and we hope that as an ethical consumer, you value this difference with Lulu Black.

What's more, we offer our escorts in Leeds an industry leading commission rate, and we offer our customers a super-efficient service based on honesty, reliability and integrity. Lulu Black is a well-oiled machine and making a booking through our damn good company will be quite different to previous experiences elsewhere. Our companions stand head and shoulders above the rest, as do our levels of customer service.

You may be wondering if we have any requirements for the clients of our escort agency. We need you to be upfront with your information as well as being prepared to pay a deposit. We need you to agree that the courtesan will have a wonderful time in your company, and that you will go to great lengths to ensure she feels happy at all times. We genuinely want to build a long-term relationship with you, and we expect nothing but the very best for the high class escorts we work with.

As well as being kind, courteous and respectful, your hygiene needs to be exemplary. In return, these are also requirements for the escorts we work with, and each one has been chosen because as well as being a thoroughly great human, she loves and excels at working as a high class Leeds companion and she will make sure you have the best time possible in her company.

Dating a glamorous Leeds companion

Our wonderful escorts in Leeds can meet you in any hotel in the city, provided it is at least of 4* quality. They can meet during the daytime of the evening, but as they are all professional women with other careers, they all need notice. You can never book at our escort agency at the drop of a hat - you must plan ahead. By planning ahead we mean days, weeks or months notice. Nothing is hotter than a man with a plan - it genuinely turns us on!

Escort Booking FAQS

Are the photos of your escorts genuine?

Our escort images are 100% genuine and recent - the lady you see in the photos is the lady you will meet. And if you need extra reassurance, why not join our lively Instagram or Twitter communities, where we post tons of candid snaps

Is my data secure with your agency?

Absolutely, we are in the business of pleasure, not in the business of getting our clients in so much trouble they never book again. We will never contact you out of the blue, and and personal documents supplied during our screening process are promptly deleted after your first booking takes place. We only screen once, and subsequent booking are much easier to make.

Do your escorts cover all of Yorkshire?

Our gorgeous companions cover the whole of Yorkshire including places like Harrogate, Ripon and York. We also operate in Sheffield. Essentially we cover the whole of the UK, so no matter where you are, we can help.

Can I pay by credit card?

Alas, no. Payment processor discrimination is a real pain in this industry's arse. We'll take a bank transfer deposit for your meeting, and then you can pay the balance in cash.

More About Leeds

Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom, and Leeds is the largest city in that county. Technically Leeds is in West Yorkshire and sits near by Bradford and the historic and beautiful city of York. There were just under 800,000 people living in Leeds in 2019, which has one of the large parks in Europe. Roundhay Park is over 700 acres in size and includes woodlands, lakes and playgrounds. But there is more to the city than its park. From those old days of dial up internet, who remembers the company Freeserve? They were based in Leeds, and were in fact the first internet service provider (ISP) to serve the United Kingdom, connecting the those first households to the world wide web. Leeds is also the birthplace of the ubiquitous brand Marks and Spencer, today gracing pretty much every high street in the UK, but which opened its first shop in Kirkgate Market over 100 years ago. The origins of moving pictures (cinema) are in Leeds, as are the origins of Jeremy Paxman who was born in the city in 1950! Famous bands from Leeds include Soft Cell (Tainted Love - yes!), Gang of Four (who?), Sisters Of Mercy (yikes) and the Kaiser Chiefs (meh).

It's a thriving and lively city with loads to do, but if you do happen to find yourself at a lose end when visiting Leeds, a quick call to Lulu Black agency will make your stay 1000 times better. Yorkshire of course, is so much more than just Leeds. Situated in the north of England, Yorkshire has more history that you can shake a stick at. Over the years, the county of the white rose has seen Romans, Germans, Vikings, Normans, Royal revolts and battles including the Wars of the Roses. Ripon is considered the oldest city in England, its charter being granted in 886. And a fascinating fact about those Yorkshire women and men who are good at sports. Did you know, that Yorkshire athletes did so well in the 2012 Olympic games, that were Yorkshire a country it would have placed 12th? You do now! Incredible scenes from this proud subset of the English.