Work as an Escort

Why Choose Lulu Black?

We understand how daunting it can be entering the sex industry, and while we always recommend that workers set up independently, we recognise that not everyone has the time or knowledge to engage in the marketing and admin that is required. That's where we come in.

Update: we are now fully recruited for London and South East. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please still apply and make that clear in your message. We are still recruiting elsewhere in the UK, particularly the North East and Scotland.

Industry Beating Commission

Our commission rate is an industry leading 15%. If you reach £750 in commission payments in a calendar month, your rate reduces to 10% for bookings in the remainder of that calendar month. It then resets to 15% at the start of the next month. You will not find lower rates anywhere and we strive to take as small a cut as we possibly can.

Safety First

Yes we love our clients, but we love you more. We screen all new customers to the agency, and we take deposit payments for each and every booking into our discreetly named bank account. No exceptions, no shortcuts.

Mentoring & Advice

We work with women new to the industry and those with experience. With 20 years in the business, we offer mentoring and advice in every aspect, from sponges to tax! We're friendly and fair and we want you to succeed in as safe and as sensible a way as possible.

We're On The Ball

Chaotic management, sporadic comms, sending you to a booking on the wrong date/time or when there's no one at the other side of the door.... sound familiar? We're on the ball and that won't happen here. Working with Lulu Black means efficiency, 7 days a week. We won't waste your precious time.

Flexible Hours

Can only manage one booking a week? No problem. Can only work evenings and weekends? No problem. Can only work weekday day times? Again, no problem. Flexible hours to suit you, around your other commitments.

Areas Covered

We advertise nationally, and work on SEO for all areas of the UK. Whether you're in Lands End or John O'Groats, we can work with you provided you can travel. Particularly lucrative areas are: London, Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Heathrow & Gatwick Airports, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Who are we looking for?

Females aged 21+ with a great work ethic and a friendly nature. While we need you to be attractive and well presented, you do not need to look like a model to succeed in sex work. Men find women of all shapes, sizes and looks desirable. Don't feel inferior compared to the many professionally retouched photos out there - these are important marketing and branding tools and yours will look just as impressive.

We work with slim escorts, curvy escorts, athletic escorts and ladies of any skin colour. Piercings and tattoos are not an issue and we have no upper age limit. At Lulu Black, we firmly believe that variety is the spice of life, and body confidence is the half the battle in doing this job well.

So what are our 'must haves'? We need you to be super-reliable and organised with excellent common sense. You need to be able to hold enagaging conversation with people from a variety of different walks of life. You need to be honest and act with integrity, always. You must treat others with compassion and kindness. One night you might be in the Premier Inn, the next night the Ritz. You need to provide the same level of attentiveness and customer service regardless.

We need you to be entering sex work of your own volition, and we never work with managers or third parties (e.g. boyfriends). You must understand that escorting is always sex work - social escorting (getting paid just to go for dinner) is pretty much a myth. When it comes to physical intimacy, we respect your boundaries on services offered.

We will expect you to fund professional photographs, and we do insist on a high standard of photography and can recommend some photographers that are exceptionally good and will get you off to a flying start (see our blog here for more info). Finally, you do not need to be British, but you must be fluent in English because it's what 99% of our client base speak.

We are very happy to represent ladies already working independently, however, we would need you to have a completely separate persona on our website. This means entirely different pro photos in terms of look and outfits, different name and so on. Agencies and everyone working with one are most successful when they appear exclusive.

Finally, we are only able to work with UK based providers. If you are touring the UK from overseas, even on a regular basis, we would not be a suitable income avenue for you.

Need more info?

07858 502249

SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram messages accepted.
Calls to Lulu by appointment only please.

Ready to apply now? See below.

Ready to Apply

If you've read enough and are keen to get started, please email us all the information below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. We respond to all genuine applications from females and we interview all shortlisted candidates. This meeting is nothing more than a chat over coffee and allow Lulu to get the measure of you, and you of her (there will be no one else present, it's a one on one)! Be sure to include answers to ALL of the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Real Age (don't fib about this as we check ID)
  • Phone number
  • Your Location
  • Do you have a licence/car? If no, are you train savvy and confident?
  • Tell us more about yourself including your occupation, interests and any experience - this is your chance to shine, so really blow your own trumpet and tell us why you would dazzle as a Lulu Black companion.
  • Attach photos – these must be recent and should be taken specifically for us. We recommend taking your photos in lingerie or swimwear, since this is the style we use on the website. Take the photos in front of the mirror if needs be, and keep your face visible so we know they are you. We would like to see full body shots, don't hide yourself away. Tip: photos in natural daylight look best.

Email that info over to and be assured that we take data security very seriously. In the event your application is unsuccessful, your correspondence will be promptly deleted. Data is not kept for longer than necessary.