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Sensational Escorts in Swindon & Wiltshire

No offence to Swindon intended, but it's not the most inspiring place in the country. Sure the county of Wiltshire surrounding it is bloody gorgeous, but the town itself is a bit, well, meh. If you happen to be passing through on business, or happen to live there, allow us to add some sparkle and glamour. A sensational high class escort from Lulu Black is just what the doctor ordered, of that we can guarantee.

We're not like every other escort agency in Wiltshire. In fact, we do our best to be as different as we possibly can. Lulu Black has a huge focus on worker safety and we value our escorts' time enormously. Both of these reasons are why you will need to screen and pay a deposit to arrange a date with us. This is pretty standard practice nowadays when booking an independent escort, but one agencies don't enforce - typically because the agency manager wants to maximise their chances of getting your money, even if they risk the workers' lives/health/time in the process.

So yes, we are very different, and what makes us stand out the most is the small amount of commission we take from our escorts meaning they keep 85% of the money you pay. The 15% we keep covers our overheads and a small salary and that's it. No greed, no drama, just integrity, ethics and being on the right side of things. If you are gent who wants the best time possible but only with an escort who is happy at work, then Lulu Black is the logical choice for you.

Meeting sophisticated escorts for great times

We understand how daunting it can be booking a companion for the first ever time. You've probably been thinking about it for quite a while, and you've finally decided to take the plunge. Well, the good news is you've stumbled onto the website of the very best agency in Wiltshire. One that rigorously takes care of its ladies while providing a high level of customer service to its gents. The very first time you book with Lulu Black agency you'll have to screen in order to get into our little black book. We're a semi-exclusive escort agency and we don't just accept any and all clients. We need you to be clean, friendly, respectful and kind. We obviously also need there to be no drama over payment! If you can fulfill these requirements - and many men do - then you are opening yourself up to world a unbridled pleasure with our high class escorts. If you live in Swindon, or you're just visiting on business, bookmark us now....because you will definitely be back for seconds, thirds and moresomes.

Booking FAQS

What's the difference between an incall and an outcall?

Predominantly we are an outcall agency in Swindon. This means our courtesan visits you at your home or hotel. If you are absolutely stuck, one or two of our ladies may agree to book the accommodation on your behalf provided you cover the fee. This is known as an incall - you visit them. Enquire with Lulu for more info.

How do I book your Swindon escorts?

Head over to our 'book' page in the first instance to read our terms and conditions. When you're satisfied you are a good fit, reach out via whatsapp, SMS or email. You can reach out 7 days a week and we will reply within typical office hours. Please only reach out to us when your availability is firm, we do not welcome tentative enquiries.

How long can I see one of your Swindon escorts for?

Our minimum meeting length is 2 hours, though many dates are longer and we go right up to 48 hours if taste and budget suits! Rates can be found in each lady's page. A good starting date is 3-4 hours, these meetings do not feel rushed and allow you to really get to know your companion over dinner or drinks.

Do your companions cover all of Wiltshire?

Yes, sir! Date us in Swindon, Devizes, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Calne, Andover and all the villages in between. Wiltshire is huge county and the majority of our ladies drive and can join you anywhere. One or two rely on trains and are less flexible when the meeting is not near a station. We do indicate this on the companion's page.

Can I work at your Swindon escort agency?

We are always recruiting bright, beautiful and friendly Wiltshire companions for our female-fun team. Fancy joining the best in the business? Head to our 'work' page for more info and to apply.

Dating in Swindon and Wiltshire

Dating in Wiltshire means a mix of rural charm and historical attractions. Wiltshire is known for its picturesque countryside, making it a great place for outdoor escort dates like hiking, picnicking, or exploring the beautiful landscapes. The county is rich in history, with attractions like Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. These can provide a unique backdrop for a romantic outing. Swindon, Salisbury and Andover have a variety of cozy pubs and restaurants serving local cuisine. Enjoying a meal at one of these places can be a perfect escort date night.

What's more, if you are a regular traveller to Wiltshire, keep an eye out for local events and festivals, which often include food markets, music performances, and cultural celebrations, offering opportunities for fun and memorable dates. You could also consider exploring the charming towns and villages, visit museums, or take a leisurely canal boat ride for creative date ideas. Your Swindon escort will definitely appreciate the culture. Escorts are always culture vultures! Remember, successful escort dating in Wiltshire, as anywhere else, depends on shared interests, good communication, and respect for each other's preferences. We hope to hear from you very soon. Note: if you're actually staying in nearby Hampshire, then our Southampton escort agency page is where you should head.