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Welcome to Lulu Black - the most highly regarded escort agency operating at Heathrow airport. Whether you are jetting into the UK for a layover, or flying out on business, why not improve those hotel hours by inviting a first class companion for drinks and nibbles. Our gorgeous escorts visit all airport hotels for dates ranging from 2 hours the whole night. However long we join you for, we will make sure you leave London Heathrow with a smile on your face.

How our Heathrow escort service works

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Meeting escorts at Heathrow airport

It can be daunting reaching out to an escort agency in a country different from your own, especially when you don't understand the laws of the land, the common etiquette or even the reputations of the companies you are contacting. There are many escort agencies in the Heathrow area, and most of the hotels dotted around the terminals can be visited by a plethora of stunning ladies, but none of them live up to Lulu Black, either in the quality of the service they provide or the importance they place on worker safety.

Lulu Black stands out as the ONLY ethical Heathrow escort agency. Ethical doesn't mean boring, it means that the lady you are meeting is working in the best possible way she can. It means you can organise a date without fear of meeting someone suffering exploitation or coercion. It means, as a decent man, you have considered more than just your pleasure, you've considered her rights and safety too. Many men don't do this, but you are one of the different ones - you are a cut above the rest.

Something we're very proud of: our high class Heathrow escorts get to keep the majority of their fee - 85% of it in fact. They can also visit you safe in the knowledge you've provided ID and a bank transfer deposit. She will arrive with a smile on her face, and that smile will be genuine. Safe workers = happy workers and this means a much better experience for you. You will be flying high with Lulu Black in no time. If Heathrow's not your favourite airport, it soon will be!

So how does it work? Get in touch with us via whatsapp or email ahead of your trip. Please try not to contact us on the day, the more notice the better and we accept dates up to 3 months in advance. You'll no doubt be staying in one of the 4* or 5* hotels dotted around the terminals, and we know how boring those long layovers alone can be. Order your high class escort direct to your room, or meet her for drinks in the hotel bar.

Long layovers with lovely company

Lulu black is a high end Heathrow escort agency working with the most beautiful, friendly and fun high class escorts. We operate on the basis of honesty, integrity and efficiency and we put a hell of a lot of work into this business, attracting and dealing with only the very best clients. We have clients all over the world - many UK based gents yes, but also many clients who fly in frequently, either for business or pleasure. All nationalities are welcome.

Perhaps you are looking for a English redhead or a British blonde to visit your Heathrow airport hotel? Perhaps you'd like to meet a curvaceous and busty escort, or maybe a slim, athletically built lady. Whatever your tastes and desires, Lulu Black agency is sure to have your perfect date on our books. Our escorts excel at what they do, and whether your trip is just starting or coming to an end, a date with a Lulu Black lady is sure to add a spring in your step for weeks.

Lulu has many years experience looking after high class gents in the Heathrow escort business, and she knows how to cultivate lasting relationships with generous, thoughtful and well presented men. Our wonderful ladies are able to visit any of the hotels in or around Heathrow airport, for dates of 2 hours or longer. Our ladies can join you daytime or evening. Should you wish for the ultimate indulgence, book your high class escort to stay for the whole night.

Booking FAQS

Are you open 7 days a week?

Yes, you can book with us every day of the week - though we do ask that you book in advance, not on the day if you can avoid it. Our escorts have busy day to day lives and appreciate time to prepare to be at their best.

Do you offer incalls at Heathrow airport?

No we do not, we are an outcall only agency, which means the lady visits you in your hotel room. Most hotels at Heathrow have keycard restricted lifts and internal doors, so you will need to collect your escort discreetly from the large hotel lobby.

My flight arrives late at night, what's the latest your escort can arrive at my hotel?

We are very much NOT ladies of the night. We are ladies of the daytime and early evening. If you are going to check in later than 9pm, let's schedule the meeting for the next morning instead. Far more civilized. Some of our companions can be tempted into late meets with a hefty tip - speak to Lulu to sort things out.

My Heathrow hotel is only 3 star, will you still visit?

Possibly, though we do dislike uninspiring surroundings! We know they are not always under your control though - the hotel might have been booked by the office. Speak to Lulu about the hotel so she can take a look at it online. It's not always an outright no unless the reviews are poor. The last thing we want are bedbugs *shudder*.

Are your Heathrow escorts English or British?

We work with ladies of all nationalities provided they speak fluent English. Don't get bogged down on nationality in a vibrant, worldwide city like London - it's unhelpful and you are cutting off some wonderful companions by doing so.

Are escort agencies legal in the United Kingdom?

Provided there is no control or coercion, there are no issues. You can be absolutely assured that neither of those aspects go on at Lulu Black, everyone is free to come and go as they choose and reject or accept as they please. We don't agree services with you, or even discuss them, because they are the companion's choice and can only be decided during the meeting, once she's got the measure of you.

Order us in to your Heathrow hotel

Our escorts can visit all 4 star and 5 star hotels around Heathrow airport, including but not limited to:

  • Sofitel Terminal 5
  • Hilton Terminal 4
  • Hilton Terminal 5
  • Sheraton Skyline Terminals 2 & 3
  • Crowne Plaza Terminal 4

Lulu represents only top tier Heathrow airport companions and we invite dates from only the very finest of clients. The finest clients are not the most wealthy or best looking. However, what they are is the most kind, courteous and respectful gents who go out of their way to ensure their escort of choice has a wonderful time in their company. If this sounds like you, then our wonderful courtesans cannot wait to make your acquaintance.

More About London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is a major international airport and is one of six airports serving the UKs capital city: London. Heathrow airport is not only huge, it's also busy! In 2020 it was the third busiest airport in Europe. Heathrow is close to London - only 14 miles west - and getting into central London is easy via the express train. If you're outside of London, Heathrow is conveniently located on both the M4 and M25 motorways and this behemoth of an airport has five terminals, the most recently built being terminal 5 which is the main hub for the UK's flagship carrier: British Airways. Pretty much every airline in existence flies into and out of Heathrow Airport, and this includes cargo as well as passenger planes. The most popular routes flown from Heathrow include JFK in New York, Dubai International and the wonderful city of Dublin. Hong Kong and Los Angeles also feature pretty highly, as does Singapore. In the airport, in addition to the usual lounges for Business/Club and First Class passengers, Heathrow also houses two VIP suites reserved for royalty and presidents and other world famous customers e.g. Beyoncé. Costing over a whopping £3,000 a piece to access, all security procedures are carried out in the suite while the VIP passenger enjoys a Michelin starred meal, before being driven directly to their plane in their own luxury vehicle (and it's probably not one of those flashing cart things you see bumbling around). Oh how the other half live!