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First Class Companions

They call it London Gatwick Airport, but let us tell you, it's not really London! Gatwick is actually situated near the town of Crawley in Sussex. It's the second busiest airport in the UK and a staggering 40 million passengers use Gatwick Airport each year. Thankfully for us, one of two of them fancy the company of a Gatwick escort during a layover there, and we're guessing, as you've found us, that you are one! Read more about our First Class company below.

A Gatwick escort service with a difference

So why use our escort agency, rather than any of the many others that your search will have returned? Because, quite simply, we are the very best. And we don't just mean that our companions are the best (which of course they are), but just as important, that our damn good company is the best too. With a strong ethical model which values their workers over their profit, Lulu Black is the ONLY choice for the modern gentlemen who wants a mind-blowing and uncomplicated time, without causing any harm.

Our fabulous Gatwick escorts are available to visit you at any of the airport hotels, whether you're at the North or South terminal. We do ask you to plan ahead when using our agency. The Lulu companions are not waiting around for their phones to buzz, they are busy women with lives and careers, and they love a little notice to help them plan their diary. First class companions love first class planning! Some of our favourite airport hotels include:

Sofitel - a classy and sophisticated joint, probably the best in the area. Big modern rooms with incredibly large and comfy beds....perfect to roll around on!
Hilton - big, impersonal (a good thing for us), clean and comfortable. Hilton hotels are the Ford Focus equivalent: affordable, dependable and reliable.
Arora Hotel - modern, sleek, 10 mins from the airport, a fab restaurant and gym. Though we'll provide the work out, if you don't mind, so give it a miss.

Decadent airport dating with upscale models

Yes, I realise we have rattled on about this already, but Lulu Black really is a completely unique Gatwick escort agency. We work with only the finest companions who live close to the airport, or who can travel to the area by car or by train. What makes our escorts stand head and shoulders above the competition is their love for the job. And why do they love the job? Because they work safely, they work securely, and they get to keep the majority of their fee. Super important.

The great thing as well, when it comes to being an Gatwick escort, is how easy it is to get to all of the hotels at the airport. Generally we visit the higher end hotels which are 4* +, but all of the hotels in the vicinity are covered by our beautiful companions, so whether you've got an afternoon to kill, an evening to whittle away, or you fancy a whole night of laughter and fun, one of our fabulous ladies can visit you at your airport hotel.

High class escorts at Gatwick

In late 2018, there was major disruption at Gatwick airport when a drone was repeatedly spotted hovering near a runway. Do you remember watching it on the news? This seemingly insignificant act at first glance lead to 760 flights being disrupted over the course of a number of days, and a staggering 110,000 passengers getting delayed or cancelled! Can you guess how many calls we got THAT day from men stuck on their hotel rooms? Our escorts in Gatwick could have earned a small fortune should they have wished!

But actually, all of our companions are low volume providers. They are professional women with often high-flying careers (excuse the pun) and they don't have time for non-stop dating. At Lulu Black we prioritise quality dates with quality gentlemen. Our Gatwick companions love to be wined and dined. They adore good conversation and laughter, it's all part of foreplay after all. Incidentally, no one has ever been criminally charged over the drone incident at Gatwick airport. An absolute piss boiler for anyone just jetting on off their annual Christmas getaway, but such is life.

If you've read this far and realised that actually you're going to be at Heathrow Airport instead, head over to our Heathrow page to view more local escorts. We also have a page dedicated to escorts in Luton, and our East London page is best if you are seeking escorts near London City airport.

Booking FAQS

Do your escorts visit all the hotels at Gatwick?

Pretty much, but we do prefer 4* plus and some of our favourite hotels at Gatwick are the Sofitel, Arora or the Hilton. Nowhere grotty please, we won't visit you at a Travelodge or similar.

What is the latest start time for a Gatwick escort date?

We're ladies of the morning, afternoon and early evening.....we are not ladies of the night. Our Gatwick escorts keep sensible hours so we don't start a meeting past 9pm generally. If you are landing late at night, feel free to reach out to us and explain your predicament and if we can help, we will. A good tip will be required for any unsociable hours.

I live near Gatwick airport, can I arrange a date to my home?

Yes you absolutely can. Our Gatwick escort agency serves homes that are clean and safe with good parking options. We do need you to be home alone with absolutely zero chance of any third party turning up at the address during the meeting, so please bear that in mind.

I note you want to see ID but I am worried about privacy

Our workers' safety takes top priority, but we understand why handing over your ID is a big deal. It may be useful to read our privacy policy (linked bottom of page) to allay any concerns, and also to follow our social media just to get a general vibe about our legitimate and very well regarded business.

Can I agree services in advance?

No, we do not discuss or agree services in advance, that would be unethical of us (and you). The companion is in charge and decides in the room. I can give you a steer and say we are a GFE agency - so nothing weird, wonderful or 'porny' please. Just good old-fashioned, high-octane, fun with a beautiful model escort.

Do you have air hostess escorts and can they wear their uniform to the date?

Yes we do....and no they can't. Regrettably wearing real-life work uniforms is not appropriate. Same goes for the nurses we work with!