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Fabulous Black British Company

If you are one of those infinitely sensible gentlemen looking for a black escort in London, you have landed in right place! The ebony companions at our small but exceptionally well regarded escort agency are some of the best in the business. Beautiful and professional black women with a love for the dazzling dates and the finer side of life. Arrange for one of our ebony escorts to join you at your 4*/5* hotel for cocktails, dinner, and sumptuous playtime. And in doing so, be assured that you are booking in with a small organisation that focuses on excellent working conditions. Read more below.

Brilliant black London escorts

So what can you expect from a date with a black escort at Lulu Black? We don't ever get into too much detail, but what we can confirm is that feedback for our companions consistently amazing. So you can expect top tier company from a well-dressed, immaculately groomed lady who loves to tease and please. Our ebony companions are more than just a pretty face. Expect intelligent and interesting conversation too, not to mention high end lingerie, and even higher heels! Our wonderful ladies are at home in any of the fine establishment that London has to offer, and are consummate professionals and damn good company.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to companionship in London, whether that is with ebony escorts or otherwise. Generally, gentlemen choose our agency because they have a strong focus on this ethics of this business, and want to be sure they are doing things the 'right way'. Lulu will screen you, take a deposit, and organise everything for you in a friendly and efficient manner. With many, many returning customers, a vibrant social media presence and two decades of experience, Lulu is a lady you can trust to make your dreams come true in London or indeed anywhere else in the UK. Get in touch today.

Ebony escorts offering outcall & incall

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where skin colour was irrelevant and we didn't have to build pages on websites based on such factors. But the world is not perfect, and so here I am writing content about skin colour so you find this page! A whopping 7000 searches are made each month for black and ebony escorts in London, and there are some wonderful companions working in the capital, both at our agency and independently.

Our ebony companions generally offer outcalls, which means they visit you at your hotel room. We only visit hotels of a decent standard, which in London means 4* or higher. Most hotels 3* or lower are a bit ropey. Some of our ladies will arrange a bespoke incall, by which we mean she will book the hotel room to save you the paperwork hassle, and you visit her. There will be an increase in fee to provide this service, to cover both the hotel room cost and the ladies time.

Our black and ebony escorts do not discriminate based on your skin colour, age, looks, height, weight etc. We will discriminate against men with poor hygiene, those who push boundaries or show a reduced level of respect. Don't be one of those guys, it makes Lulu very cross and she is a formidable character. Our screening is rigid and uncompromising, but we do this to protect our workers and once you are in our 'little book' you will find yourself being treated incredibly well, so much so our clients rarely book anywhere else.

Our ladies are not limited to London, and you should note that the whole of the UK is covered including Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Dating a black British escort

All of the black escorts we work with currently are British. That does not mean we refuse to work with other groups - e.g. black Africans, Hispanics etc - it's just how things have turned out. We can only recruit so many ladies to our agency at any one time, to ensure a good workload for everyone, and so our invitations are not open ended. The black escorts featured on this page will change from time to time and workers leave and new workers join, and we work with ebony ladies aged 21+ all the way up to their 50s. Our only requirements for our companions is that they are good and decent human beings who enjoy pampering other....and being vibrant and tantalising for hire!

There are lots of wonderful hotels in London in which to meet, wine and dine your chosen black escort. If you're into old-world glamour, then the Savoy has to be the cream of the crop. Staying at the Savoy is a really special experience and our ebony companions just love to visit. If you're more a modern man, then the Shangri-La at the Shard is a great choice. The rooms there are high with far-reaching views, and I have no doubt your chosen ebony company would love ambiance of the place, not to mention the great bars and restaurrants inside.

We often get asked if gifts are expected by our black London escorts. Categorically not, so don't feel any pressure to bring anything along. If you do though, it's always a welcome surprise. Nothing large or heavy to carry home please (obvs). Excellent gift choices are perfume, lingerie, shoes, or a cash tip. Each black escort will state on her page her favourite gift choices, along with their favourite cuisine for dinner, and drinks/snacks for in the room, to help you with your planning.

Booking FAQS

What does 'screening' mean? You have mentioned it a few times.

Screening means that I check your photo ID (which you send me as a photo), and that I also run a check against your phone number. I will never contact you by phone unexpectedly and your ID is not kept long term. Check our 'book' page and our 'privacy policy' for reassurance re our adherence to GDPR.

How much extra does an incall cost?

Unfortunately, due to London hotel price fluctuations, it's not a one price increase. It will depend on date, time and availability and each incall is quoted on a bespoke basis. Obviously we won't book the Ritz or anywhere INSANELY expensive, but you do want somewhere of a reasonably decent quality. Grotty surroundings really do effect enjoyment of the date.

Can I extend my overnight date for longer?

Absolutely you can and many do! Additional hours on top of an overnight are charged at £100 p/h. Our standard overnight rate of £2000 allows for 14 hours, just let us know when booking how much longer you would like.

Can you recommend restaurants for dinner?

Lulu is the busiest lady on Earth and rarely has time for tour guide sort of stuff. There is a great website called Tripadvisor that you can use reliably for restaurant recommendations in London. In the higher end hotels, the on-sire restaurant will also be amazing, which saves heading out.

Should I send feedback after the date?

Your companion would absolutely love it if you did! Not least because it gets published on our testimonials page, but also because it's always nice to be reminded that you do your job excellently.

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