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High Class Company in Coventry

Welcome to Lulu Black - let us introduce you to our incredible team of Coventry escorts who cover the city itself and all of the surroundings towns and villages. High end Coventry companions to put a spring in your step for weeks.

About our escorts in Coventry

We thought long and hard about creating a separate page for our Coventry escorts, since the city is in such close proximity to Birmingham. However, Coventry is its own entity and with a population of nearly 350,000 people, we figured we should dedicate some love to Cov! The great news for Coventry gents is that we have loads of fabulous high class escorts based in the Midlands area. Incredibly beautiful blondes, brunettes and redheads and a mixture of slim, busty and curvy companions are available to visit you and enchant you. We can meet you in your home, and in a hotel in the city or the surrounding countryside, towns and villages.

You may or may not have head of Lulu Black. If you haven't, we are the PREMIER escort agency in Coventry, the Midlands and the UK. Lulu has been serving the gents of the Midlands since 2007 in one form or another, and she knows how to look after both her workers and her gents. Worker rights are high on the agenda at the agency, and we prioritise them over everything (yes, including you). We really get to know who you are as our customer, as we do this to keep our companions safe. We also ask you to commit to your date via bank transfer deposit, and we do that because we value our workers' time.

Generally, this agency attracts men who read the above and think it not only sounds reasonable, but also wouldn't feel comfortable without it. Men who really value the service escorts offer and appreciate the dangers they face. Generally they are professional men in business who understand the value of others' time. They are reassured by our huge social media presence, our professional website and our efficient and polite communication. Do you sound like one of these men? Excellent, we are going to make a great team.

The nitty gritty on making a date

The most crucial point to get across is that you can't send a one line text to this agency at 11pm and expect a response. We expect well-crafted introductions, advance planning and evidence that you have read and understood our website. We get about 100 'who is available' messages every day and we ignore every one. A a minimum include your name, your proposed date, start time, booking length and ideally a short list of your favourite 3 companions. You can send this information via email or whatsapp. If you can attach your ID from the offset, you may just be the perfect man.

Once the details are confirmed, we will then take a bank transfer deposit - this is typically 30% and is paid directly into a discreet bank account. You should note this is non-refundable unless your companion has to cancel. This happens extremely rarely. We are an incredibly reliable agency and we work with highly professional escorts who value customer satisfaction above everything else. Once the deposit is in, it's all confirmed. Voila! A date with the Lulu Black companion is on the horizon. You can now look forward to the time of your life.


All your photos look edit/retouched, do you have any natural photos?

We only use high quality photography on our website, and although we smooth and balance the skin, and remove identifying things like moles, tattoos etc, we do not slim the ladies down in photos or change in any significant way how they look. However, for extra reassurance head to our social media, either Instagram or Twitter, and find loads of candid snaps of our companions.

I don't pay deposits as I got scammed before.

You got scammed because you didn't do your research. You won't get scammed by this agency, however, if you cancel you will lose your deposit. That's just common sense. Going back to valuing our workers' time, deposits are non-refundable. If you won't pay one, please don't reach out - you won't get a date.

Your ladies look too gorgeous to be real!

They are genuine, gorgeous, they love their work and the adore creating authentic connection with Coventry gents. We are a very highly regarded agency so stop being a cynic and jump on in.

Can I book a long date with one of your companions

We do tons of long dates, ranging from overnights to long weekends to whole weeks away together. Provided you have the budget for it, we can arrange it. But if you're just after a shorter 2/3 hour date, fear note, we enjoy those very much too! Don't feel you have to push the boat out.