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Love in the Lake District

Welcome to Lulu Black, a top agency representing the most gorgeous high end companions Cumbria has to offer. Whether you're on holiday or you live in the county, a Carlisle escort from Lulu Black will turn an ordinary day, into an extraordinary one. Read more below.

Carlisle escorts to your home or hotel

The thing about the Lake District is this: it's bloody romantic. So it seems a shame to be there on your lonesome, when instead you could have a supermodel on your arm, courtesy of Lulu Black agency. Actually, she will be better than a supermodel, because great dates are not all about looks. And though all of our companions have good looks in spades, they are also charming, alluring and thoroughly tantilising company. You may be in the Cumbria on an action packed holiday, or maybe you are in the area for work? Perhaps you are lucky enough to live in Carlisle or the beautiful area surrounding it. It doesn't matter why you are there, all that matters if you want to live things up a bit.

So what do you do? You could trawl through hundreds of listings on online escort directories and try your luck on a one by one basis, or you could call you new best friend, Lulu, and ask her to arrange for one of the A-team to visit you. The Lulu escorts are phenomenal in every conceivable way, and it's just not possible to have a bad date through our escort agency. Once of the big reasons for this is the ethically sound principles underpinning this company, and we'll explain more about those below.

Charming Cumbria escorts, sound ethics

The escorts in Cumbria what work at Lulu Black enjoy an industry leading commission rate (just 15% of their fee goes to the agency), rigid safety and security procedures that change for no man, and a friendly, female-run, drama-free, management team. We value each and every one of our workers and what they bring to the business and we treat them that way. We need you to appreciate them just as much.

We are very specific about the clients we deal with. No everyone who reaches our to our escort agency in Carlisle gets a date, and we pay a great deal of attention to how you present yourself, your plans, and that you seem like a respectful and kind suitor who will treat our companions exceptionally well. Gents looking for 1 hour meetings, or a list of services, or who refuse to send ID or a deposit, should not reach out to Lulu Black. You won't like us, and we won't like you.

Planning the perfect date

Our escorts can join you for a relaxed and tactile date, rolling around in your hotel sheets for a few hours (or days), or we can join you for an action-packed adventure out on the lakes. Hiking, kayaking, site-seeing, gastronomy, whatever your heart desires. Some gents like to start with a short date, and others jump right in with a long liaison. A lovely hotel we visit from time to time is called Another Place, featuring fab rooms, a lovely pool and spa and a fantastic restaurant. If you're seeking a few days away from reality with a beautiful woman on your arm who will treat you like a king, this is a great venue to choose.

Obviously, it goes without saying, do plan ahead for your date in Cumbria, Carlisle or the Lakes. Our closest ladies are based near Manchester and they all have busy lives and careers, so they cannot dash up to your at a drop of a hat. We recommend a minimum 1 week notice and we are generally happy to plan up to 3 weeks in advance. If you are going to book an overnight or longer, all of our companions, no matter where in the UK they are situated, can visit you.

Booking FAQS

Can you recommend an escort based on my plans?

Absolutely we can. If, for example, you want to kayaking or canoeing, you'll need an lady who can swim. And while they can all walk, never everyone is keen on hiking, so it's best to check in advance who would enjoy the date most.

I have hired an Air BnB in Cumbria, is that OK?

Absolutely it is, and we would be delighted to join you there.

How can you assure me my data is safe?

We are hoping that our professional, well-crafted website helps, and also our social media. But Lulu is as honest as the day is long, and we are certain that once you start dealing with her you will relax. Though she prioritises her workers, she is friendly and fair and she will take care of you too.

Can I pay the whole fee by bank transfer?

We so prefer part cash but we realise it is not always practical. Bank transfer payments are considered on a case by case basis. Speak to Lulu about it.

How do I book a date?

Head to the 'Book' page to start with and read through thoroughly. From there reach out to Lulu via whatsapp or email.