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Bore da / noswaith dda! Welcome to Lulu Back - Cardiff's premier high class escort agency serving the whole of South Wales in including nearby Newport, Swansea and all of the areas in between. Lulu Black is standout escort agency both in Wales and elsewhere in the UK. The reason? Our business has been created with a strong focus on the worker over the customer. Yes you read that right! We prioritise safety and fair working practices over everything else.

What that means for you as a consumer is that you get to meet an escort in the most ethical way possible. She's working of her own volition, she sets the hours, she accepts and declines work as she pleases, she drives herself to the booking, and there are no horrible managers in the background coercing her to see you. She also gets to keep 85% of the fee you pay, which is huge in comparison to every other escort agency in Cardiff and the rest of the UK.

Our business model is a win for you in several ways. Firstly it means you are staying on the right side of the law, and you are not getting enjoyment from someone else's misery. It also means the escorts that work with Lulu Black are happy and content with what they are doing, which in turn means you have a great experience. Working in the way leads to job satisfaction, is every sense of the phrase! You cannot go wrong arranging a meeting through our escort agency, and we hope to hear from you soon.

High Class Cardiff Escorts Agency

Congratulations on stumbling upon the most ethical, efficient and wonderful escort agency in South Wales. Lulu Black serves the gentleman of Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and all the areas in between. We are an agency with many many years experience providing high class encounters to high class gents. So whether you are visiting Cardiff on business and staying in one of the many lovely hotels dotted around the city, or whether your home is in South Wales, one of our gorgeous high class escorts will be able to visit you.

What you will find striking about our agency, in comparison to all the other Cardiff escort agencies out there, is how well we look after the escorts we work with, and crucially, how much they enjoy being represented by Lulu. We screen and take deposits from all of our clients, which means the Cardiff escorts from Lulu Black are working as safely and sanely as they possibly can. Our emphasis is on longer, more relaxed dates in 4* or 5* Cardiff hotels, and these more relaxed working conditions mean happier ladies. All of our high class Cardiff escorts work of their own choosing, and we only keep a small percentage of their fee to cover our running costs. Your escort takes home most of the fee you pay, not us. As an ethical consumer of companionship services, this will mean a great deal to you.

Arranging an escort date in Cardiff

Our escorts much prefer their diaries to be planned in advance, and the more notice you can give us for your proposed meeting the better. We do not take same day bookings, and instead are happy to plan ahead up to 3 months. We will check your ID and take a deposit, so make sure you are comfortable with this before getting in touch. You can read our privacy policy at the bottom of the website. Be assured that our intention is to strike up a fantastic relationship with all of our clients so they wouldn't consider going anywhere else for companionship in South Wales. With that in mind, be assured of our discretion, honesty and integrity at all times. Once you have spoken directly with Lulu, you will feel much more at ease.

The escorts represented by Lulu share the same values as Lulu herself, and in addition you will find them gorgeous, intelligent, friendly and a whole load of fun. Once you've made a date via Lulu Black, you will never look back. Our escorts are the 'top gun' of the industry, as our hundreds of returning customers and positive reviews will tell you.

Our favourite hotels in the area

If you're wanting to stay locally but are not sure where to book, we can help! The hotels below not only have parking either on-site or nearby (always important when meeting a Lulu Black escort), but our companions have visited previously and had a lovely time there. 

  • https://stdavids.vocohotels.com - Voco St Davids
  • https://www.celtic-manor.com - Celtic Manor
  • https://www.parkplazacardiff.com - Park Plaza
  • https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/cwlhitw-hilton-cardiff - Hilton

More About Cardiff & South Wales

The most important thing to point about the city of Cardiff is that it's the capital city of Wales, it's also one of the larger cities in the United Kingdom as a whole, population wise. It is situated in South Wales, just the other side of the Bristol channel and connected to England via the M4 motorway and the architecturally wonderful Severn Bridge. Given that Cardiff is in Wales, it follows that a certain percentage of its population speak Welsh - 9% of them in fact, and if you drive through the city and the wider South Wales area you will notice that road signs carry both Welsh and English language. Cardiff is a historic and beautiful city. Its docks area has undergone a great deal of regeneration in recent years and is a particularly fabulous area to visit, whether that's to catch a show, watch some sport, grab a drink or dine along the water front. There is fabulous shopping to be had in Cardiff, which is known as the City of Arcades due to the number of indoor shopping arcades created by the Victorians and Edwardians. Our particular favourite is the St David's Centre which has pretty every shop you can think of inside, not to mention a clean and safe multi-storey car park (trust us, this is important to a lone female escort!). A short drive outside of Cardiff and you will find yourself in Newport if heading east, and the Valleys if heading west. Continue further West and Swansea awaits, with with beautiful coastline and headline named 'The Mumbles'. Wales is really one of the jewels in the United Kingdom's crown, and the high class companions from Lulu Black just love to visit.