Stable Girl

This escort covers: South West |  Frome | Devon | Bournemouth | Dorset | Poole | Swindon | Bristol | Bath | Reading | Heathrow | Southampton | all UK

About Eloise

Just what is it about jodhpur wearing horsey ladies and their attraction to Lulu Black? Regulars may be wondering if I am advertising for escorts in the back of Equestrian Weekly. But no reader, I am not. It just seems that stable girls like the lovely Eloise here are all secretly naughty, wanton harlots who desperately want to take their long locks out of that oft-worn bun and slip into something with far less coverage...(Agent Provocateur to be exact). And that's where you come into play, sir! After a long day of riding and teaching, the lovely Eloise would adore some down time with kind and discreet gentlemen who want to cover her in kisses, affection and fun. Eloise can join you in your 4*/5* hotel room or at home in your country pad. Whatever the venue, she's smart, she's sassy, she's fit and she's a total Minx. Always dressed to impress, Eloise loves fitted dresses, fine lingerie, nylons and very high heels. She's a 40 something stunning escort and a lady you would be mad to miss. Eloise is amazing addition to our team of Bath escorts.

Eloise is a South West escort and is able to cover areas like Frome, Somerset, Devon, Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Wiltshire with ease. For longer dates she can also travel to Reading, Central London, Cardiff, up to Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds and beyond. Eloise can meet during the daytimes and evenings, but does appreciate as much notice as possible for your date. She accepts dates up to 3 months in advance.

Areas & Rates

2 hours £600
Frome, Yeovil, Somerset, Devon, Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Swindon, Wiltshire, Taunton, Southampton & Winchester

3 hours £800
Oxford, Heathrow, Newbury, Reading, Exeter, Portsmouth, Cardiff & Newport

4 hours £1000
Gatwick & Surrey, Plymouth, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

5 hours £1200 / 6 hours £1400
Brighton & Sussex, London, Cornwall, Northampton & Birmingham

Overnight (14 hours) £2000
Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow

24 hours £2900 / 48 hours £4400
All UK / All UK + Europe
(travel costs extra for outside UK)

Booking Terms

We screen all new clients to our Bournemouth escort agency and take a deposit via bank transfer into our discreet account.

Services offered depend entirely on hygiene and grooming - they are not discussed or agreed in advance.

Ensure you keep your chosen escort well-watered, and for meetings of 4 hours or longer, that lunch/dinner is available.

What They Say

  • Thank you Lulu, Eloise is stunning and a good country girl so I was very relaxed in her sensational company. Rest assured, a meeting next year in Bath is very high on my agenda. Please let her know I’m very smitten. I’ll be in touch.  Best P.
  • Dear Lulu - please send my sincere thanks to Eloise, a truly wonderful afternoon with a beautiful woman.
  • Good morning, she just set off. Thank you for organising, I’ll spare you the adjectives and superlatives and just say: you sure know how to pick ‘em! Seriously though, please thank her for me, it was great.
  • Lulu. Thank you for making arrangements with Eloise yesterday. There is clearly an amazing interview process you have as Eloise is an absolute delight. Stunningly attractive, intelligent and a pleasure to spend time with. Please do let her know I had a very enjoyable evening.
  • Morning - Eloise was incredible, thank you for organising.
  • Hi Lulu. Just walked Eloise back to the Tube station. My gosh what can I say. She has an absolutely lovely soul I was blown away and am so grateful I got to spend time with her. Next time I am surely going to plan something more elaborate and a bit longer. Thank you once again for arranging a lovely evening with her.
  • Hi, Can you please pass on my thanks to Eloise. Beautiful, charming, and drop dead sexy. I had a wonderful afternoon. I will definitely be booking her again , probably November time. Many thanks x
  • Can you please pass my thanks to Eloise? She looked absolutely beautiful for our date and I really appreciated the effort she went to. Please pass on my apologies again that the hotel wasn't too glamorous...I will do better next time!
  • Feedback for Eloise is coming very soon....

An Interview with Eloise

What are your 'vital stats'?
Dress size 8/10 with a 32C bust and 28” waist and I’m 5ft 6” without heels. I’m 42yrs old and you know what they say about women in their 40’s .. all true!

What do you love most about being an escort?
I love the anticipation of a hot and steamy date, knowing that underneath my slinky dress I am wearing some super sexy killer lingerie … and then the tiny butterflies in my tummy as I walk into the bar scanning the room, looking for my date; then locking eyes with you and watching your face light up as I walk towards you. 

Are you bisexual?
I am 99 % straight … the gorgeous Lulu ladies might change that percentage overtime though as they are stunningly beautiful! 

Where would your dream date be?
My dream date would be getting to know each other while doing something fun; either watching a Polo Match, or an afternoon at the races or some heavy flirting whilst eating something yummy and enjoying a cheeky cocktail together. Building the excitement and sexual tension until you can’t take it anymore and whisk me away somewhere decadent and private to have some long awaited fun between the sheets. 

What's your favourite cuisine?
I love fine dining, small delicate portions packed with such intense flavour, yum! I don’t like to eat anything heavy on a hot date for obvious performance reasons.

What's your favourite tipple/snack for the room?
Pepsi max, diet coke or still water to drink. Strawberries are great but so are pick n’ mix sweets :)

What are you favourite gifts to receive?
I am a real girly girl so absolutely love shoes, handbags and perfume. Can’t go wrong with sexy lingerie either, always well received.

I want to buy you some lingerie/shoes for our meet, what size should I buy?
Bra: 32C
Knickers: 8/10
Suspender: small
Stockings: medium
Shoes: EU 39

What would be your desert island disc?
Uptown funk by Bruno mars always gets me on my feet dancing or Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.

How can your date-to-be drive you wild with lust?
Easy! Flirt with me!  Lots of eye contact, so hot, and a very delicate touch or kiss sends tingles all over my body.

Book a Date with Eloise

By messaging Lulu on 07858 502249 or emailing hello@lulublack.co.uk. Note we do not accommodate short notice meetings, so plan ahead. Voice calls to Lulu Black are by appointment only.