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Arranging a Date

Our number one goal is protecting our workers - something our many happy customers view as a positive. After all, happy workers = amazing encounters. That said, we do make it a priority to look after our customers too! Provided you can adhere to our house rules, you will find that both the agency and its companions will not only treat you exceptionally well, but also curate memories that will put a spring in your step for weeks. Our aim is to enrich your life, not complicate it, and we want to hear from you again and again.

Lulu X

How We Operate

  • An emphasis on advance dates, we can make arrangements weeks ahead.
  • Same day trysts can rarely be accommodated. 24 hours + notice is highly recommended.
  • Dates can be arranged via email, WhatsApp or SMS.
  • We screen all new clients to the agency (see ID & deposit FAQS below).
  • All dates secured with a non-refundable bank transfer deposit payment. Our account is discreetly named. We are also currently trialing cryptocurrency deposits - speak to Lulu for more info .
  • Balance to be paid in cash (£ only) at the beginning of the meeting. Read why cash is king here.
  • Booking repeat dates becomes easier as we get to know you.
  • You can message the agency at any time of day, though we usually only reply during office hours.
  • Note: we do not cater to "dominant" clients at all.

House Rules

  1. Impeccable hygiene & grooming is paramount. All services depend upon it - be so clean she could eat her dinner off you (and maybe she will).
  2. Rates differ from companion to companion, please take care to note the rate of the lady you are booking.
  3. The majority of our bookings are outcall (companion to you), however, some of our ladies host incalls.
  4. If you're booking the accommodation, please ensure there is parking available (excludes London).
  5. Strictly - no third parties are to be present without prior consent.
  6. Don't forget to keep your companion well hydrated, and for meetings over 4 hours, ensure cooked food is made available too.
+44 (0)7858 502249

Our phone accepts messaging only:
WhatsApp (preferred) or SMS.
Voice calls by appointment only.


1What forms of identification do you accept?
For bookings taking place within the UK we accept a photo or scan of:
- your passport
- your driving licence
- your national ID card
- or a logged in screenshot of your active LinkedIn profile.

For bookings outside UK we accept:
- a photo or scan of your passport only.
2I am worried about identity theft, can I obscure some info from my ID?
A valid concern, we understand. We must see:
- your full name
- your date of birth
- ID expiry date
- driver number / passport number / ID number
- your photo

We do not need to see:
- your signature
- your home address (if shown)
- the ID start date
- Any other codes or info
3Do you keep my ID on file?
No. We keep it until your chosen Lulu companion has left your date safely, and then we delete it.
4Do you share my ID with anyone else?
Absolutely not. It remains confidential and is stored securely. Deletion is prompt once your booking is over.

We only ask for ID in advance of your FIRST booking with Lulu Black. It is not required for subsequent bookings.
5How do I pay my deposit?
Electronic bank transfer only.

Please ensure the transfer comes from a bank account that matches the name on your ID.

If sending from a business account, please ensure we can trace your legal name to that business.

If sending from overseas, please use (simple and same day).
6What is Lulu Black's privacy policy?
You can read our Privacy Policy here.